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2014.04.06 ♥︎ 우리 귀염둥이 메인보컬 켄의 스물세번째 생일!

to our cute main vocal ken, kenjumma, lee jaehwan!
happy twenty-second birthday, sucker. it’s crazy that it’s already been a year since you turned twenty-one, isn’t it? during those twelve months, you have changed so much. you’ve gone through dark and sexy phases, through cute and bright, and even melancholic and chic ones. if the variety and how well you adapted to all of those wasn’t enough to win my heart, your constant smiles and jokes, and your love for us starlights surely was. the way you treat your members with such love is heartwarming, and I can only say that I am so, so happy to be the same age with you. you’re not only dashingly handsome, but you have a warm heart, and I think that is the most important thing you will have in your life.  please, don’t ever feel the need to change for anyone but yourself, and I hope you know that I, and all of the other starlights out there, will always look over you and protect you. just like you always thank us and wish for our happiness, we will wish for all your dreams to come true. because of you our life has become much more fun and maybe a little frustrating at times . thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

I hope you have a wonderful, infinitely happy birthday, kekeken! 
영원히 사랑해 재환아 ♥︎

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jaehwan’s lip action in mvs


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3/ things to love about Ken || his pillow lips

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Hello Kenslips followers, it’s Admin S! Sorry I haven’t been around for a long LONG time, but we (I bet Admin J too) have been very busy with school and upcoming holidays, so we apologize for not being able to bring you Ken deliciousness very often.

HOWEVER, i’ve got an announcement to make! From now on, I’ve learned to make gifs (and i’m very proud of myself, yay) and I’ll be able to update more often since I’m on my winter break now and won’t go back to school until January 28th (long vacations, huh?)

So please send us request on which of your favorite Ken clips would you like me to gif and I’ll try my best to do them! Also, remember to send us suggestions on what would you like to see more (apart from lips deliciousness OMG VOODOO DOLL KILLED ME SRSLY) about our resident cutie/ahjumma Ken~~ (Reminder that Admin J is the one who manages the ask box so please be nice to her, ok?)

Last but not least, have a Merry Christmas with all the people you love, and may you have lots of fun and health and hapiness and a naked ken under your tree because who wouldn’t like that i’d love that a lot pfsh better yet all vixx oh yeah. Best wishes (to you too Admin J, you’re a sweetie and I’m sorry for not being here to help, school’s a b*tch) and lots of love from the Admins! (ɔˆ ³(ˆ⌣ˆc)

-Admin S 

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why, thank you dear!! /sendsyoucookiesandkenallaround

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a collection of jaehwan’s winks

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random official pictures compilation of ken being a cutie pie ♡

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Ilsan Fan Sign 130629
April Boy do not edit

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"rock ur body" | music video bts

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i’m kissing my screen right now..

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when jaehwan finds the behind-the-scenes camera..

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